How soon is too soon to reserve my reception venue?

The wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life. In case you have recently got engaged, it is definitely time to go on with the wedding planning. It is true that there is no guarantee that your wedding will go off exactly as planned, but there are some basic steps you have to fulfill. Unexpected situations happen all the time, try to prevent some of them!

Pick up the season and the date for your wedding! Try also to make a list with your potential wedding attendants. We can discuss these days about a real wedding industry. This signifies that you have endless options when it comes to your wedding reception: you can have an indoor or outdoor wedding reception. For example, if you have a guest list of 40 people or less, a simple backyard wedding reception will do, but a wedding party with three hundred or more guests will need a more spacious wedding reception room.

When should you reserve your reception venue?

In case you dream about having a great wedding, with more than 150 guests, it will be better to start your search as soon as that engagement ring is on your finger. Do not forget that the most popular locations can be booked up one to three years in advance. Let us take Indianapolis area, for example. You have so many options when it comes to your wedding reception: Skyline Club, D’Amore, Oasis Ballroom, Montage At Allison Pointe, Hilton, Sheraton Hotel, the Mansion at Oak Hill, IMA, Palladium, etc. Most of the couples that reserve their reception venue with six to twelve months before are flexible. In case they may not be able to score the second Saturday in July, for example, they will opt on a Friday night instead. Needless to say, do not forget that the church where the ceremony will take place and the reception location must be available on the same day.

The place where you decide to have your wedding party will set the tone for the event. It is like a puzzle and the biggest piece of the puzzle is represented by the reception venue. After the couple choose and reserve the reception venue, they can make plans about the décor, the theme of the wedding, colors, music, food and floral arrangements. The bride-to-be can start looking for the perfect wedding gown and suitable jewelry.

There are some conditions the selected location has to fulfill: it has to be attractive, not too far away of the city, affordable. Selecting the right venue is extremely difficult, but not impossible. Do not forget that the reception is how the wedding is made memorable to the guests. You obviously want everyone to hold sweet memories from that special day.