A theme wedding is the buzz of the modern world where everyone wants to throw extravagant and unique wedding parties ever. A theme wedding is the event which is organized in line with the couple’s personality, tastes and interests. It consists of different creative ideas put together, which revolve around the main element, to form a theme wedding. Let the guests guess themselves and know that they are walking into a new world with the theme wedding. It is a good idea to ask the wedding photographer to capture the reactions of the guests upon arrival. A theme wedding can also incorporate fancy invitations that give a glimpse of the theme of the upcoming wedding.


A champagne inspired theme wedding can include the tables to be decorated in the color similar to that of the champagne and chairs to be tied with a bow, which can be of the bride’s favorite color. The entrance can be decorated with cream colored balloons and frills to add a touch of elegance and contemporary feel in the environment.


A refreshing centre-piece or tablescape can instantly grab attention. It is a sure and tested way of depicting elegance and total indulgence. This way the tablescape will ensure that none of the waiters descend with glasses well before the toast. Why not couple some delicious bites with the champagne for starters. Let us face it that even when grilled cheese is paired with champagne, it can make a mouth-watering recipe. Not only this, in fact starters which have the combination of many other elements, can be potentially paired with champagne to make them an irresistible feast. There can be many options to choose from when planning a champagne themed wedding. For instance starters or meals prepared with champagne and champagne vinegar will add a hint of flavor in the food and remind everyone of the theme with every bite. Different variations of champagne can be presented in the form of tempting fizzy drinks, without overpowering the palates.


For designating party central, an ebullient bar can do the trick. It is a good and mystifying trick to hang glass globes that will be candlelit and can be an ode to the rising champagne bubbles. The decoration of the flowers can be completed by using small bunches of pale garden roses and orchids. The flowers can be used at all the strategic places to add a little artistic element in the environment.


One of the most amazing return gifts for the theme wedding like this would be to send each couple with a specialized goody bag, having champagne flavored candles or pack of champagne flavored candies. There is a whole bunch of creative ideas that can make it possible to have a wedding extraordinaire. The theme, if executed in a very tasteful and minimalistic manner, can prove out to be talk of the town and leave a magical note on everyone’s mind. The whole